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Building A Legacy

Strong Foundations = Strong Relationships

Success is found in the relationships you build!

No matter what job you have in life, your success will be determined 5% by your academic credentials, 15% by your professional experiences, and 80% by your communication skills. 

Friends Having Coffee

Good communication skills are the key

                        to a strong foundation.

Building A Legacy with your business! 

Recorded Virtual Workshop

with Coaches... Michele Rickman, Carol Throckmorton, Lora Newman, and Allie Hutsell

About the Event

Independent consultants and service industry entrepreneurs have been taught everything there is to know about their product or service. When it comes to building client connections, they are often given a script to follow and told to make the words their own. Sometimes they aren’t really given any training on how to talk about their business, communicate effectively, build client relationships, create a signature style or really close the deal. In reality you are the foundation of your business. By understanding how you communicate, building your personal brand, learning to use your voice and the best way to close the deal, you can do so much more than build your business; you can Build Your Legacy.

These 4 incredible coaches have each spent over 20 years helping people succeed. For the first time ever, they are teaming up to take you through the steps to lay a strong foundation for strong client connections. You have the nuts and bolts of your business but regardless of the goods or services you offer, success is found in the relationships you build. Knowing the best way to communicate with different personality types, knowing the best verbiage, making yourself memorable, using your professional voice and closing the deal are the 4 keys to building your legacy.

Virtual Team Meeting
Image by Laura Fuhrman

What do you want for your business in the future? You are putting time and energy into building your client base, increasing your business, and achieving your goals. What is your why? Do you have everything in your toolbox to achieve it? More importantly… Are you building a business or a legacy?

Meet Our Coaches


Michele Rickman is the founder, owner and coach at 4D Style and Presentation Coaching. She started her career life as a high school English/Speech and Drama teacher and she created the drama program at that school. When she started her family, she began looking for a way to work and spend more time with her husband Joe and her 3 kids Kyle, Sarah, and Anna. Direct Sales was the perfect fit and Michele soon realized that she could still teach by teaching people how to build a successful business. She moved quickly into leadership and worked her business and coached people to do the same for over 20 years. As she was coaching and networking for her own business, Michele realized that there was something lacking for most people when it came to their personal brand and she desired to help them connect with their ideal clients in a better more effective way. Eight years ago Michele created her coaching program that focuses on building a strong 4th dimension (the persona that shows people who we truly are what we stand for) and 4D Style and Presentation Coaching was born.
4D specializes in developing professional images that sparkle! Services cover everything from aesthetic choices in clothing, hair, and makeup, to verbal skills, body language, and instilling confidence that only comes from knowing who you trulyare.
Michele focuses on building a strong 4th dimension (the persona that shows people who we truly are what we stand for) and 4D Style and Presentation Coaching was born.
4D specializes in developing professional images that sparkle! Services cover everything from aesthetic choices in clothing, hair, and makeup, to verbal skills, body language, and instilling confidence that only comes from knowing who you truly are.
Michele focuses on the client’s visual and verbal communication style, desired effect, message, and personality. She strives to help her clients become more confident, eloquent, and efficient communicators... finding their signature style, understanding other communication styles, and revealing their true selves. 


Carol Throckmorton studied music and missions at Baptist Bible College and was involved in full-time ministry for over 17 years. Since the 90's she has been involved in management, sales, and marketing. During her time in the corporate world, she has gone through extensive training including the personality and behavioral styles assessment coaching through a multitude of different management firms.
After years of experience in supporting different companies as part of their team, Carol has taken the opportunity to develop and teach her own materials surrounding this topic. She has a passion for empowering people with the ability to communicate more effectively by truly understanding themselves and the people around them. She is certified in DISC, Emotional Intelligence, and Motivators and is currently in the process of earning her certification in Critical Thinking and Learning Styles. Carol believes that improving your communication skills both in business and your personal life builds a stronger foundation for success. She is ready to share her passion with you and help you get to the Next Level of communication in all your relationships. 


Lora Newman, M.S., LPC is a business leadership coach, author, speaker, and founder of and Zero2Sixty Performance Coaching. She coaches entrepreneurs from out of money and out of time to decisive, deliberate, and prosperous seven figure wholistic leaders by revealing untapped inner wisdom and strength through the power of Equine Assisted Coaching.

A US Army Veteran, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Equestrian – Lora took the leadership lessons from the military and the horses to couple them with the psychology she learned as a coach and mental health professional to develop a wholistic leadership framework that brings entrepreneurs into alignment with body, mind, and spirit.

Lora’s 20 years of experience at coaching business owners on how to breakthrough barriers, increase thinking performance and confidently make decisions that pull them forward results in increased revenue, leading teams with ease, and freedom.

Lora holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Missouri State University (formerly SMSU), Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Drury University, as well as an Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology from Northwestern Louisiana State University and ran a veterinary hospital for over 4 years.

In addition, she is:

A graduate of Coach U

Eagala Certified and Corporate Certified

E3A Certified

Certified Marketing Coach, Money Breakthrough Method Coach, Sacred Money Archetypes Coach

She runs a full-time coaching practice with her horses, serving both the corporate and entrepreneurial business sectors in 22 states and seven countries.

Lora has studied horses through workshops and methods with Pat Parelli, Buck Brannaman, and currently Tim Brock in Missouri. Horses reveal your inner wisdom and strengths as well as where your communication can improve.

She claims to have the St Francis gene because of her deep compassion for animals and has 10 four legged business coaches in her barn.


Allie Hutsell is the owner, CEO, founder, industry coach and entertainer at Doozy Productions & Consulting LLC. She is not only a successful vocal performer but has also done extensive voice over work, commercials, and has been the voice of businesses on their answering services. At the age of 17, she became the lead performer at the world famous Shoji Tabuchi show. During her years there she was also the vocal director and production/personal assistant to producer, Dorothy Tabuchi. She left the theater when she was called to create her own worship ministry. In addition to her worship ministry, she wrote and conducted a mentorship program focused on teen girls.
With her experience in the performance industry as a performer, producer, personal assistant, business owner, coach and mentor, Allie became the founder and coach of Doozy Productions and Consulting LLC. Now she coaches and mentors her clients in everything to do with using your voice from public speaking to singing and songwriting.
If you have a vocal talent of any kind and wish to develop a career track using that talent, Allie will mentor, train, and coach you in the right direction. Allie offers services to help you launch and brand your total package and product to present to the public and the industry! 

Sport Tactics
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Grab a cup of coffee, computer, pen, notebook &


We look forward to empowering you to Build A Legacy!!!

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Building A Legacy
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