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Michele started her career life as a high school English/Speech and Drama teacher and she created the drama program at that school. When she started her family, she began looking for a way to work and spend more time with her husband Joe and her 3 kids Kyle, Sarah, and Anna. Direct Sales was the perfect fit and Michele soon realized that she could still teach by teaching people how to build a successful business. She moved quickly into leadership and worked her business and coached people to do the same for over 20 years. As she was coaching and networking for her own business, Michele realized that there was something lacking for most people when it came to their personal brand and she desired to help them connect with their ideal clients in a better more effective way. Eight years ago Michele created her coaching program that focuses on building a strong 4th dimension (the persona that shows people who we truly are what we stand for) and 4D Style and Presentation Coaching was born. 

Michele Rickman




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